Manufacturer of bags
for garbage and plastic gloves

Manufacturer of bags
for garbage and plastic gloves

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Polyethylene products of the highest quality

We give waste a second life by making durable and sturdy recycled products. You’ll find a wide selection of garbage bags, plastic gloves and other polyethylene products.

We are constantly expanding our network of B2B partners.

100% recycled products


Modern technologies

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Permanent cooperation

Get to know us

The history of Iris Pack dates back to 2008. Thanks to the latest methods of washing and producing regranulate, we have boasted one of the most technologically advanced recycled products in the country from the very beginning. Striving to protect the environment and being responsible for the planet has always been a priority for us.
Over time, we expanded our business to include the production of skate packaging, which was exported to various destinations in Europe. Our passion for creating innovative and practical solutions led us to add more products under our own Mr. Shmister brand. These include multicolored commercials and films, as well as a whole range of garbage bags, which have won praise from customers.
A new chapter came in 2014. At that time, we decided to open a new company headquarters in Skawina, and our team already consisted of more than 30 people. Since then, we have been constantly introducing the latest European technologies and developing our offer to meet the expectations of new customers not only in Poland, but also in foreign markets. Today we are also present in Germany, Italy, France and Romania. We are not slowing down. We are ready to meet new challenges and create lasting, fruitful cooperation with more customers

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We supply online stores

We have prepared an offer to meet the needs of your business in the dynamic e-commerce environment.
With us you will supply your store with the highest quality polyethylene products that will meet the expectations of your customers.

We rely on permanent cooperation

We work with wholesale and network customers, regardless of the scale and nature of their business. Our offer is aimed at both small businesses and large corporations that value the highest quality products, competitive prices and partnership relations.

Our offer

All our products are entirely recycled, while meeting the highest European quality standards.
When you order from us, you are assured that your customer will receive high-quality goods at an attractive price.


Trash bags

Convenient, sturdy and damage-resistant bags to help keep any environment clean and tidy. Designed with reliability and durability in mind to stand up to even the most demanding conditions.

  • 100% recycled waste separation bags
  • Garbage bags with ears from 35L to 120L
  • Garbage bags without ears from 35L to 240L
  • Bags for rubble and construction waste
  • Scented garbage bags
  • Bags for office waste

HDPE film gloves

Foil products that ensure safety and hygiene when dealing with food products or chemicals. Gloves perfect for industrial and household applications.

  • Disposable color gloves size M-L
  • Foil gloves, so called breakaway gloves
  • (with a cardboard box, loose, with a hole)
  • Thick black gloves
  • Foil gloves with company logo

LDPE polyethylene film

Polyethylene film is a versatile material that is widely used in various industries. You will find film sleeves or half-sleeves that are wound on special, convenient sleeves. Our robust agricultural films are an effective way to increase crop yields and protect plants in the agricultural industry.

  • Film sleeves and half-sleeves
  • Agricultural film

Construction film

An indispensable material in all kinds of construction, renovation and insulation work. We offer both construction films without a sleeve and with a sleeve, which facilitates even unrolling and convenient storage of the material.

  • Construction film with and without sleeve

LDPE plastic bags

Colorful commercial and plastic bags ideal for segregating, packing, shipping and storing a variety of goods. By choosing recycled materials, you not only contribute to reducing waste generation, but also gain durable products that are reusable.

  • Plastic bags
  • Color plastic bags

LDPE polyethylene film

Products ideal for segregating, packing, shipping and storing a variety of goods. They help keep things in order and provide protection for products during transportation.

  • Film sleeves and half-sleeves
  • Construction film with or without sleeve
  • Recycled plastic bags and advertising bags
  • LDPE carrier bags
  • Colored bags


We know the importance of an individual approach to each customer.
Our specialists provide support at every stage of cooperation – from pre-purchase consultation and advice to timely delivery.

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